TryHackMe: Relevant — Walkthrough



Starting Relevant
Nmap Port Scanning
Nmap Specified Port Scanning


SMB Enumeration
SMB Connection
SMB Enumeration for Useful Files
Decoding BAse64 Encoded Strings
Connecting through Psexec
Connecting through Psexec on Other User Found
HTTP Enumeration
HTTP Enumeration on Port 49663
Directory Bruteforcing
Checking Directory Found via Gobuster
Checking Password.txt


Creating a Reverse Shell with Msfvenom
Uploading Reverse Shell
Setting up a Netcat Listener
Curling Reverse Shell to Execute
Getting a Low Shell on the Target
Low Shell User Hash

Privilege Escalation

Privilege Escalation Enumeration
Uploading PrintSpoofer
Checking PrintSpoofer
Uploading and Checking Netcat Windows Binary
Setting up Another Netcat Listener to Get Another Reverse Shell
Executing Command on the Target Box
Getting Reverse Shell as NT Authorithy
Getting Root Shell




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